Tuesday, April 12, 2005

ghetto fried rice


ok, this is totally ghetto and i'm vaguely ashamed for posting it, but you do what you gotta do to stretch a can of soup into a few meals.

for soup, i use Campbell's Chunky Chicken Noodle, but i reckon you can use different brands. it's good with bigger chunks of chicken, though. and you can add all sorts of extras into the mix, depending on what you have at hand (ham, bacon, assorted veggies, m&m's, etc.). cooking the rice in the chicken soup gives it a nice dose of salt. i reckon you could substitute vegetable stock if that's the way you swing...


1 can chicken noodle soup
1-2 cups rice
a good handful of frozen peas
a good handful of baby carrots
2 eggs (optional)
extra virgin olive oil (e.v.o.o.)


use 1-2 cups rice, depending on how much you wanna stretch this thing. rinse it a few times. strain the chicken soup into the rice (set aside the noodles/chicken chunks/carrot pieces). check the "water line" in the rice pot; you'll be a little short of the liquid you need to cook the rice. just fill it the rest of the way there with some water. i'm not a rice cooker expert, so i'm just going to assume you know how to make rice with your cooker.

chop up your baby carrots in a food processor. throw this and the frozen peas into the rice cooker. now set that shit to cook!

watch some tv and/or have a few more drinks while you wait for that to cook.

when it's ready, fluff up the rice/carrots/peas a bit, make sure it looks all right.

heat up a large pan. pour a dose of e.v.o.o. into the hot pan. if you're lucky enough to have eggs, crack them into the pan and scramble them up a bit. toss all the chicken soup bits onto the oil and shake it around with a spatula. chuck the contents of your rice pot onto there and start mixing, sucker. make sure everything's nicely incorporated. let it cook for a while so you get some crispy brown bits.

oh yeah, that's some ghetto fucking rice...

store some in tupperware, for another night. you can add other vegetables and leftover crap into the mix; it's fried fuckin rice, who's gonna know? do not let others know what's in there, or you will be ashamed.

i don't think i've ever actually consumed this sober.

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