Monday, April 11, 2005


a basic rundown of what i like to have around the house, to help make cooking easier. this is where it helps to have a bunch of old "wedding gifts" lying about collecting dust...

some people would call it sacrilege, but it's really quite useful. i rarely actually bake bread in mine; mostly, it's a dough-maker for me. and there are all sorts of things you can make with dough.

food processor
these are useful for all sorts of things; makes the chopping a lot faster. particularly useful for using up a bunch of old bits and pieces in the pantry.

rice cooker
makes rice. rice is cheap.

microwave/toaster oven
with a decent toaster oven, you could potentially do without an actual oven. and microwaves are good standby resources. but nothing really beats a decent stove.

not that i successfully practice this, but it's good to have a clear countertop space to prepare things. a good-sized cutting board. a sharp chef's knife. a decent refrigerator/freezer makes a world of difference, too.

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