Monday, May 23, 2005

chicken rollo tomasi


Boca makes a line of meatless "chik'n" that's actually quite tasty. use whichever you like. i'm using the nuggets coz it's easiest, but you can use the patties if you've got 'em.

this is another no-brainer in the "pizza" line of recipes. basically, anything that would be good in a sandwich will probably be good in a pizza situation.


basic pizza dough
corn meal
1 package BOCA meatless Chik'n nuggets
1 package shredded cheese
some tomato sauce
cherry tomatoes
extra virgin olive oil (e.v.o.o.)


bake those Boca nuggets first. set them aside.

adjust the oven to about 450 degrees F.

sprinkle cornmeal on big cutting board. grab about half the dough and roll it between your hands to form a thick rope. put it down in the cornmeal and start rolling it flat and wider. you want it wide enough so that you put a nugget in there and fold the sides of the dough up and over it.

sprinkle a base of cheese on the dough, down the center. start laying your nuggets down the center in a nice line, end to end.

i prefer to tear apart the cherry tomatoes so that you don't get a burst of hot juice in your mouth when you bite into them. lay the torn tomatoes over and about the line of nuggets.

sprinkle more cheese over all of that. drizzle some e.v.o.o. over that. spoon some tomato sauce over that. fold the side of the dough over everything so that you've got what looks like a long, fat rope of dough. drizzle some e.v.o.o. on the top and spread it around with your fingers.

cornmeal a big pan. carefully lay your long chik'n roll on top of the pan, such that it doesn't tear too much.

pop it into your hot oven for about 10 minutes.

let it cool and settle for a few minutes after you take it out. this is a little more important than it is for a regular pizza recipe, because it's got a filling.

cut it into pieces with a serrated knife (bread knives work well).

i really have a miserable life.


The Sakaiatrist said...

Holy balls. This is one gem of a site.
In high school, if I didnt have time I crush a some chili cheese fritos on top of some japanese rice and that was dinner. My sister used to mix butter, oats and sugar together in a bowl. She said it tasted like cookie dough.

In the apartments, I ...

but in terms of the frozen grapes... genius. I can't wait to bake.

M. Alice said...

cat's out of the bag!

there's no hiding now... i'm a cook...